Sex Crimes

Conviction for a serious sex crime can effectively end your life — with years in prison, heavy fines and permanent sex offender registration that targets you in your community upon your release, severely damaging housing, education and employment prospects.

Don't let this happen to you. If you face felony sex crime charges in California — rape, (including statutory rape), child molestation (PC 288(a)/b), possession and/or distribution of child pornography or Internet solicitation of a minor — you have rights (and a reputation) that must be protected.

Sex crimes cases are among the most difficult felony cases because of the overwhelming bias and stigma against the very charges. An aggressive advocate on your side can mean the difference what can be an uphill battle.

Anthony M. Solis brings more than 15 years of state and federal criminal trial experience, and a recognized record of results, to your corner when a sex crime charge interrupts your life. Mr. Solis uses expert investigative resources who unearth the facts behind your arrest, and the assistance of IT specialists who examine your computer for any "glitch" that may have incriminated you on the Internet.

As your lawyer, Mr. Solis strives to help you avoid stiff penalties such as jail or prison, substantial fines, sex offender registry and a criminal record after your arrest for prostitution, indecent exposure, lewd conduct, child molestation, sexual assault, sex with a minor or sexual battery. He excels as both a negotiator with prosecutors and a litigator against them, revealing investigative findings in persuasive ways in court.

When your freedoms and future depend on the outcome of a sex crimes trial, contact experienced criminal defense attorney Anthony M. Solis to arrange a free consultation. Call locally or toll free, or send an email message. Se habla Español.