An arrest for DUI can go wrong in any number of ways.

Law enforcement can mistake erratic driving in bad weather, on hazardous roads, for drunk driving. Breath test machines can be defective, malfunction or in need of repair. Field sobriety tests are strenuous exercises that many sober motorists may be unable to pass. You could have been driving after taking medicine for a pre-existing condition such as an allergy.

If police misconstrued their "probable cause" and mistakenly stopped you for suspicion of drinking and driving, you need skilled DUI defense representation on your side that protects your rights and California driver's license — and you need it now.

Find the aggressive advocacy, sound guidance and solid support you need at Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles. Mr. Solis handles both the court proceedings as well as those before the Dept of Motor Vehicles. It is critical to contact Anthony M. Solis within ten (10) days of arrest to preserve your hearing rights before the DMV.

For more than 15 years, attorney Anthony M. Solis has provided a strong, persuasive voice for a wide variety of DUI clients, including first-time and repeat offenders, those arrested for underage DUI or breath test refusals, and others accused of causing alcohol-related traffic accidents (DUI with injury). During that time, he has built a recognized track record of success that proves he can help you.

Punishments for DUI convictions are more serious than ever before. You could lose your license, receive a jail sentence, be assessed substantial fines and subject to an ignition interlock device on your motor vehicle.. Housing and job opportunities could be lost due to background checks by landlords and employers.

Don't surrender your future to these life-changing penalties. Contact a lawyer who knows how to collect the facts of a case, use those facts in skillful negotiations with prosecutors and aggressively litigate against them if necessary in a court of law. Call Anthony M. Solis today, locally or toll free. You can also email our law office. Your initial consultation is free. Se habla Español.