Experienced Criminal Defense Against Drug Charges

State and federal charges for drug possession, possession for sales, conspiracy to distribute, drug trafficking, importation, cultivation and manufacture can carry harsh prison terms and other serious consequences, including conviction of a felony, immigration consequences and narcotics offender registration, and forfeiture of assets.

Don’t condemn yourself and your loved ones to this worst-case scenario. You have rights that must be protected — especially if a warrantless police search of your home or car led to your arrest for drug crimes.

In Los Angeles, throughout California and nationwide (federal), the skilled criminal defense attorney who understands the role of Fourth Amendment rights and the dangers of illegal search and seizure is Anthony M. Solis.

Since establishing his law firm — Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation — Mr. Solis has built a significant reputation for positive results at trial when clients face serious drug charges, allegations of white collar crimes, conspiracy charges and alleged involvement in sex crimes. He has been aggressive and successful in safeguarding the interests of a broad clientele since 1998.

Protecting Your Future With Smart, Aggressive Strategies

You need this kind of experienced, client-committed defense representation on your side when your freedoms, finances and future are threatened by overzealous law enforcement, investigators and prosecutors. Whether you are accused of manufacture of methamphetamine, selling illegally obtained prescription drugs like OxyContin or possession of drug paraphernalia, Anthony M. Solis is the talented negotiator and tenacious trial lawyer you want on your side.

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