Protecting Your Rights If You Face Charges Of Health Care Fraud

It’s not just average people who may find themselves in a legal jam. Health care professionals, too, can be thrust into legal difficulties related to health care fraud. Various types of health care fraud charges can lead to serious consequences, including a prison sentence, stiff fines, the loss of a license to practice medicine or provide care, as well as damage to your personal and professional reputations.

It’s in these situations that you need a strong, experienced and aggressive legal advocate who will fight for you in California and federal courts. Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles, is a widely recognized and respected firm with 20 years’ experience in criminal law and all forms of fraud. If you retain us, we will represent you to the best of our ability, seeking to get charges dismissed or reduced or an acquittal in a jury trial.

Seeking The Best Outcome On Health Care Fraud Charges

People accused of health care fraud face many uncertainties. They don’t want to go to jail. They don’t want to face fines that they may not be able to pay. And they want to save their reputations. Mr. Solis and his team will seek the best legal outcome possible when dealing with health care fraud charges. We have represented clients who have faced charges such as:

  • Improper medical billing for services not given, unnecessary services, wrong services, and other alleged billing errors
  • Excessive services and overtreatment/overuse of services
  • Kickbacks and bribery of physicians and patient recruiters
  • The filing of duplicate or fraudulent claims
  • False issuance of prescription drugs/pharmaceutical fraud
  • Falsifying medical records

A client-focused attorney, Mr. Solis understands the need to explain and guide his clients through the legal process. At the same time, he and his team will aggressively fight for your rights and freedom, while being honest about the potential legal outcome. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and caring.

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If faced with health care fraud, don’t fight the charges alone. This is the when you need an effective and respected criminal defense attorney.

Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles, California, can help you fight back against charges alleging health care fraud. Mr. Solis has 20 years of experience as a criminal law attorney. For a free consultation, contact our lawyers at 213-521-4241. Se habla Español.