Protect Your Rights If You Have Been Charged With An Internet Crime

The internet is the source of many crimes including credit card fraud, sex crimes, identity theft and a host of other serious crimes. And though the practice of computer crimes defense is only as old as the internet itself, punishments for conviction in California’s state and federal courts are harsh and getting harsher.

Have you been investigated for, or arrested on, serious criminal charges of using the internet to steal from, seduce, solicit, entice or defraud an innocent person from the privacy of your home or office computer?

In Los Angeles, statewide and nationwide (federal), the experienced criminal defense attorney with the talent, tenacity and track record to back it up is Anthony M. Solis.

At Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, we are dedicated to protecting your rights before your arrest, through arraignment and throughout your case. We have successfully defended a wide variety of clients against serious felony and misdemeanor charges since 1998. We excel at investigation, negotiation and litigation of your case, providing attentive personal service during every phase of the judicial process.

Fighting To Protect Your Rights

If you face charges in areas where internet crimes and sex crimes intersect, the punishments upon conviction are terrifying — including lifetime sex offender registration that singles you out for scorn in your community, damaging housing and employment prospects along the way.

Don’t surrender your future to years of imprisonment, substantial fines, a criminal record as a felon and long-term separation from loved ones. You can fight allegations that you stole, defrauded or illegally promoted yourself on the internet — and Anthony M. Solis will fight right alongside you.

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