Assertive Defense Against Identity Theft Charges

With instances of identity theft at record levels statewide and nationally, prosecutors, investigators and courts are coming down hard on those accused of stealing the identities of others, via the internet and credit card theft, for illegal personal gain.

If you face these charges in state or federal court, you need experienced defense representation on your side that makes a difference. In Los Angeles, throughout California and nationwide (federal), the skilled attorney to contact is Anthony M. Solis.

At Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, our lawyer uses his 20 years of trial experience to protect your rights. He is equally proficient at in-depth examinations of circumstances surrounding your arrest, negotiation with prosecutors and persuasive presentations in court. His track record of success is well-known throughout the region.

Defending Your Rights Since 1998

Mr. Solis handles a broad range of identity theft cases, including utility, tax return and medical identity theft; theft of access and credit cards; and identity theft from use of a computer.

You should want to do whatever you can to avoid conviction for identity theft or conspiracy to commit it, credit card fraud, forgery, use of counterfeit or fake IDs, and the serious punishments they impose — a lengthy jail or prison term, heavy fines, restitution, a criminal record, and strict probation or parole conditions upon your release. In federal court, aggravated identity theft (18 USC Section 1028A) carries a two-year mandatory minimum sentence consecutive to any other term.

For aggressive defenses that safeguard your interests, in and out of court and from start to finish of the legal process, contact Anthony M. Solis. Arrange your free consultation by calling 213-521-4241 from wherever you are in the state. We welcome your email message. Se habla Español.