The Lawyer To Turn To If You Face Charges For False Tax Returns

Each spring, the IRS expects you to file your income taxes. But, sometimes, this government agency may spot red flags on tax returns. Something seems suspicious, and now you may be getting an audit or, even worse, facing criminal charges for allegedly filing false tax returns. This is not the time to panic, rather it’s the time to seek an experienced California criminal defense attorney with the skills to negotiate on your behalf.

Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles understands tax law and criminal defense. Led by attorney Mr. Solis, the law firm will guide you through the legal process. With 20 years’ experience in criminal defense, Mr. Solis is knowledgeable and dependable, and will be your legal ally. He will pursue the best outcome possible, including a dismissal of charges, a reduced charge via plea agreement or an acquittal during a trial.

High-Profile Cases Require An Aggressive Defense Attorney

The IRS Criminal Investigation division will come after anyone it suspects of criminal behavior stemming from a tax filing. And when it does, it means serious business. If you’re under investigation for tax fraud or filing false tax returns, you may face serious criminal charges. A conviction may lead to prison time, supervised release, community service and stiff fines.

The U.S. government agency’s criminal division typically targets alleged tax cheaters who may have done so in order to conceal other crimes, including drug offenses, money laundering, identity theft or public corruption. Many of these cases are high-profile criminal cases, and can be heard in federal court. An experienced litigator, Mr. Solis has tried cases in state and federal courts, and is not afraid to go to trial on your behalf.

When You Need Legal Advice, Call Us Now

Making false statements on a tax returns can lead to prison time. You don’t want that. Instead, you want an aggressive legal adviser who will fight any criminal charge.

Anthony M. Solis is an experienced criminal defender. He is trustworthy, reliable and has 20 years’ experience in criminal law. For a free consultation, contact our lawyers at 213-521-4241. Se habla español.