Federal Cases

United States v. Bustamante, et al., 14-CR-107-VAP-9
United States District Court, Central District Of California

Possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, client with a substantial criminal history was exposed to approximately 17 years in prison if convicted. At jury trial, after the government presented its case, case was dismissed on motion for judgment of acquittal. All charges dismissed.

United States v. Sergio Marquez, 12-CR-606-MWF-15
United States District Court, Central District Of California

This was a multidefendant marijuana importation conspiracy case. The client, age 19 at the time of the alleged offense, was facing a 10-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence. Following an eight days jury trial, my client was fully acquitted of all charges.

United States v. Azalea Abayari, 11-CR-935-R-17
United States District Court, Central District Of California

This was a multidefendant federal drug conspiracy. The client was facing approximately 17 years in federal prison and was offered a deal for a mandatory minimum of five years. The deal was rejected, and later a disposition was reached where the client was offered diversion and promptly released.

United States v. Brown, 09-CR-734-ODW
United States District Court, Central District Of California
9th Circuit Court Of Appeals, #10-50425

This was a drug sting operation. The client was facing a minimum sentence of five years with a sentencing guidelines range of over 25 years. He was sentenced to 21 months. The government appealed the very low sentence but, after oral arguments in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, moved to dismiss their own appeal.

United States v. Pantoja, et al., 07-CR-1172-DDP
United States District Court, Central District Of California

This complex, multidefendant federal RICO case began as a death penalty case and ended after a three-month trial in 2012, with the defense defeating the murder charges altogether, resulting in conviction on much less serious charges.

United States v. Anthony F.
United States District Court, Eastern District Of New York

This was a multidefendant federal drug conspiracy concerning a large quantity of drugs. The client was facing a guidelines sentence of approximately 25 years. Following a guilty plea, he was sentenced to time served, which amounted to about one month of custody.

State Cases

People v. Hunter, BA438896 (2017)
Los Angeles Superior Court

Client was charged with attempted murder, with admission to shooting the alleged victim. Result: acquittal after jury trial. The defendant even had his gun returned to him.

People v. Marcus Morris, 239 Cal.App.4th 276 (2015)
California Court Of Appeals, Second District

A case of drug possession for sale, the defendant was found guilty. He was, however, granted a retrial on appeal after the court was found to have improperly allowed an excused juror to testify at trial.

People v. Cuong Vi To, GA074680
Los Angeles Superior Court, Alhambra

This was a case in which the defendant was charged with robbery with a firearm. The matter got dismissed at the preliminary hearing. The client avoided a minimum 12-year prison sentence and was released from court the same day.

People v. Sanchez, 1256981
Santa Barbara County Superior Court, Santa Barbara

This was a felony vandalism case that threatened the client’s employment and career in law enforcement. After investigation and several pretrial hearings, the district attorney came to understand the client’s actual innocence and not only dismissed the case, but also agreed to stipulate to the client’s factual innocence entitling him to sealing and destroying of the record of arrest.

People v. Najara, SA063485-02
Los Angeles Superior Court, Beverly Hills

This was a felony grand theft/embezzlement case where the client was a store security officer looking forward to a career in law enforcement. The client was innocent, and the entire case was beaten at the preliminary hearing. Later, the judge granted a petition of the district attorney’s objection for a declaration of factual innocence, allowing him to have the records of his arrest destroyed.