Extortion And Embezzlement

If you are only now learning that you were investigated for extortion, or embezzling money from an employer, you need experienced criminal defense representation behind you — an attorney with proven skills, deep knowledge, creative strategies and personal service that makes a difference.

In Greater Los Angeles and criminal courts throughout the state, that lawyer is Anthony M. Solis.

At Anthony M. Solis, A Professional Law Corporation, you are assured of receiving aggressive advocacy in the protection of your rights during every phase of your extortion or embezzlement case. Whether you stand accused of an "inside job" that robbed an employer or competitor, RICO charges, taxing of another drug dealer, money laundering, bribery, gambling or securities fraud, Mr. Solis is here for you, from indictment to outcome and an appeal if necessary.

Anthony M. Solis has more than 15 years of trial experience with aggressively, successfully defending clients just like you. He knows the uphill battle you face, the punishments that may await you, and what it's like to go up against the power and deep pockets of the federal government in court. Time and again, he earns positive results for a wide variety of clients accused of a broad range of white collar crimes.

He can help you too. To speak with a dedicated defense attorney who can stop an investigation in its tracks, avoid a trial, dig for the facts of your case and "connect" with a judge and jury in court, you should contact Anthony M. Solis immediately if you have been arrested. Your initial consultation is free and can be arranged by local call, toll-free call from wherever you are in California, or by email message. Se habla español.